Auto Loan

New, used, classic—buy the car you want with confidence.

Our Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) is a medium-term facility tailored for our salaried and non-salaried customers to buy movable and immovable assets, such as motor vehicles and power generators for your own use.

New Auto Loan: A credit facility for the purchase of brand new vehicles from local authorized dealers.

Used Auto Loan from a Dealer: Features 90% financing Maximum amount should not exceed gross annual salary. Trade-in options (after at least 2 years). Repayment over 5 years. Interest moratorium – first 3 months. Comprehensive insurance cover (with renewals handled in-house). Direct settlement – Maintenance/Servicing.

Benefits Interest-free credit for 3 months.Drive-off in a brand new vehicle of your choice ( cover and registration hassle-free). Repayment terms structured to suit you. Option to trade-in for newer models (at least every 2 years). Regular servicing/maintenance monitoring..

Buying a dream car can be both tedious and complicated. Because vehicle ownership is paramount to the daily activities of our clients, we assist our valued clients with the needed funds to realize this lifestyle dream. Fulton Bank Auto Loan is a credit facility designed for our clients to purchase any vehicle of choice.

Our Auto Loan facility can be accessed by Individual, Professionals, consultants and salaried workers with\ recognized institutions to acquire a vehicle for personal/company use. Loan Repayment: Annuity payment Method (Same amount is paid monthly) Age of Vehicle: The vehicle must not be older than five (5) years. Tenure: 60 months or less. Security: Charge over vehicle to be purchased. Personal Guarantee of applicant Provident Fund if any. Vehicle shall be registered and insured in the joint names of SunTrust Bank and client.

Debt Burden: Not more than 45% of income. Pricing: Fulton Bank Base Rate + Agreed Margin. Arrangement and Processing fees: 3% (to be paid upfront). Maximum Loan: The Bank finances up to 80% of the value of the vehicle. Insurance: The vehicle will be comprehensively insured. Readily available credit on a timely basis. Flexible terms of repayment. Prompt advisory services shall be given by a team of dedicated account managers.


USD 10,000


No Limit