Ready, Set, Invest.

Fulton Bank Invest Plus is a uniquely designed financial investment which offers depositors a higher rate of interest as compared to a standard savings account, during the period of the investment. Fulton Bank InvestPlus offers flexibility which allows the holder of the instrument to discount it before maturity.

InvestPlus can be purchased for a period not exceeding 12 months (1 year). That is, a minimum period of one (1) month and a maximum twelve (12) months. One can also choose to roll over the investments upon maturity.

Do I Need An Account With Fulton Bank To Purchase The SunTrust InvestPlus?

Yes. Interest accruing from the investment will be paid into this account. Upon request by customer to discontinue investment or on maturity of the investment, funds will be paid into this account.
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  • This is a high interest bearing investment instrument offered to both corporate and individual clients. It is available to only Fulton Bank account holders. It provides clients with instant liquidity with negotiable interest rates.
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    It is also known as a fixed income security as a bond usually gives the investor a regular or fixed return in the form of interest payments (sometimes called coupon payments). ✦ When you invest in a bond, you are essentially lending a sum of money to the issuer.

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